It is an Edith Wharton kind of Spring.

Don’t panic! Next Tuesday!

Mock Interviews Friday

As part of the Professional Development Series, the Place for Writers is working with faculty members Cynthia Scheinberg, Kim Magowan, Kirsten Saxton, Tarah Demant, Truong Tran (and one other creative writing faculty member TBA) who will offer students the opportunity to practice interview skills for teaching positions in higher education.

These “mock interviews” will take place on Friday, April 11, between 12-2:30.

Students can sign up to practice a variety of interviews. Pending available space, you are welcome to sign up for more than one interview. Interviews are available in:

- Composition
- general English faculty positions teaching across the curriculum
- creative writing lecturer positions

Contact Cynthia Pinto for more information.

April 8th in the rare book room!

This week we introduce you to Heidi Cooper, a senior majoring in English with a focus on creative writing.

Q: What are your creative talents or areas of interest?

A: I move back and forth between poetry and creative non-fiction. I also enjoy working with photography and video to explore the visual elements of my reoccurring themes. 

I generally focus on personal relationships and histories. I like writing about my Mom or the state of Virginia. Childhood and adolescence. Cats. Personal histories. Food. The color blue. Sometimes friends or lovers. I like to have some years to reflect before approaching an experience. 

Q: How do you start a project? (is there a lot of planning beforehand, or do you start when it just strikes your fancy?)

A: I usually have a lot of little ideas brewing in my head that just get put down on a sticky note or lost in my notebook. It is hard for me to start a project without a push - an assignment, or collaboration. Somebody else to make me feel obligated to start and finish. I need a deadline.  At times I’ve felt overwhelmed with an an idea and feel compelled to write immediately. But lately I just harvest potential projects in the back of my mind, not acting upon them unless I have to.

Q: Where do you like to do your work? Why?

A: Some kind of neutral space with a table top to scatter my belongings. I like to start off writing everything down by hand, drafts or ideas or important details before I work with any technology. My kitchen table or a cafe or bar during dead hours. At home I get distracted by my cat or wanting to clean little things up. 
Q: Do you like to work alone or with others? Why?

A: Usually I like to work alone but often I am working with an individual as my subject. It is important to have consent for the project to really unfold, so in a way that is collaborative. I guess like an artist/muse relationship. Also I like brainstorming with other people, and of course sharing/seeing work of my peers is inspiring and enlightening. But when it comes down to getting things done and editing, I like to be alone - to have total control over what I’m doing. 

Q: Do you listen to music as you work? If so, what lends to your process.

A: Yeah, usually I like to get real jazzed with some coffee and listen to music I guess based on my mood. Sometimes ambient stuff like Brian Eno or Phillip Glass. Ethiopian jazz. Other times heavy metal or Prince on repeat. It helps create a headspace that seems to reflect in whatever I may be working on.

Interested in Publishing?

It’s time, once again, for a Professional Development panel. On tap this time is the Publishing Panel. Tomorrow, March 18th, agents Marry C. Moore and April Eberhardt, novelist Laleh Khadivi, and poet Teresa K. Miller will be discussing all things publishing.
This event will take place in the Bender Room, from 5:15-6:35.
Refreshments will be served.